On October 16, 2011, the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution summoned three Saudi men for a “brief” investigation regarding their latest “Mal3ob3lena” episode on poverty in Saudi Arabia.

Ordinarily, any given investigation would be completed within 24 hours at the most. However, Feras Baqna, Hussam Al-Drewesh, and Khaled Al-Rasheed, have yet to be released from police detention at the Sahafah Department in Riyadh.

No official charge has been brought against these Saudi men to explain this illegal detainment. This is understandable since it is difficult to grasp what case could be made against Saudi filmmakers who aimed to draw attention to and offer solutions for a just cause like poverty in Saudi Arabia. In addition, a charge must be issued before detention in order to be legal rather than afterwards, and a lawyer ought to be present with these young men. But this is not the case.

Contact Info: FreeMal3ob3lena@gmail.com



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